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Enjoy food again

Consenza understands that the change to a gluten free diet is an important happening. We try to make this change as easy as possible by offering a broad assortment with delicious and healthy products for every moment of the day. Our products don't only contain the right ingredients but also look delicious and the taste is excellent.

We can garantue you that we only bring new products on the market if we are 100% satified with the product and that they have a combination of the best ingredients, taste, sense, structure, colour and nutritions. For the Consenza products we only use gluten free grains and our products are naturally gluten free. Every product contains less than 20 ppm gluten and carries the international certisfied logo under number CUK-M-109.

Glutenvrij logo NL-047 Consenza

Consenza gluten free products are suitable for people with a strict gluten free diet who are searching for quality and ease.

Want to know more? Check the product and recipe section and you will discover the products of Consenza and which recipes you can cook yourself with the products of Consenza.

Our new Branding
April 2015

Our new face is seen more often.

We are proud of our new look and our customers too.